I'm hanging it up!

How’s that for a click-bait title?

No, I’m not quitting photography. I’m talking about my top 5 of why I feel it is so important to get your images printed and on the wall.

5 The final step

A song is not a song when it is on paper, but only when it is sung. The same is true in photography. While looking at an image on a computer screen is nice, to me the image is not a photograph until it is printed. It completes the process. When you make a print, it becomes it becomes real. A actual thing that you can touch and feel.

4 Now that I have your attention

When I see a image on the screen, it is almost like a dream, or a though. It is easy to dismiss, forget, and move on to the next. But a print causes the viewer to pause, to look, to feel. It is why people will line up for hours to see the actual Mona Lisa, but will swipe right past it’s digital counterpart. To me the momentary excitement that digital photos bring as I scroll through them is fleeting, but the inspiration of a printed photograph is always there to view.

3 An interesting development

If you look at your instagram feed of images, it may be hard for you, and others, to discern your style. But the act of deciding which of your images you will print, will more often than not, expose what your true vision is. It will help you realize what you like in an image, what draws you to press the shutter release, and to develop a style that is yours alone.

2 The only constant is change.

How many of you have images on CD’s? When was the last time you looked at them? Does your computer even have an optical drive? The only way to truly future proof your images is to print them. Even digital files can degrade over time. If you save you images as JPEG files, everytime that you open them, and make an edit, or even on some software, use “save as” the file loses quality! This is because it is applying the JPEG compression again to the file that it has already compressed.

1 I’m a real boy now

The number 1 reason I think everyone should print there images is MOTIVATION. Everytime I look at my print hanging on my wall it makes me feel like a real photographer, not an imposter. If I ever feel like not going out, all I have to do is look at a print hanging, and then waking up at 4:00 am doesn’t seem that early.

I have my favorite image hanging over my bed. It is of a Western Grebe rushing across the marsh. Every morning it is one of the first things I see, and it always reminds me that I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER!


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